Hammersmith employs the most sophisticated project management software available, to ensure that all communication, documentation and business processes in a typical capital project are controlled with optimal efficiency. A secure hub allows for both fax and email communications as well as internet access for all parties involved in a project. Workflow processes such as contracts, purchase orders, change requests and QA/QC plans are managed within the system. Project teams are automatically reminded of action items and deadlines. We are also able to track budgets and costs in real time through an integrated financial control system. This provides a complete, auditable project archive one day at a time.


The On-Site Advantage

When appropriate, our technology advantage enables Hammersmith to manage all operational aspects of the work from the site and to react quickly to the project dynamics. While head office handles financial administration including tendering and cost control, all scheduling, change management, quality control and safety procedures are co-managed at the project and the office, in real time. With a comprehensive set of communications tools, our project managers can respond quickly to design changes, manpower and budget revisions, materials rescheduling requests and more. The result is a project delivered as scheduled and as budgeted, to the complete satisfaction of our client.